BRIMONT INTERNATIONAL activities are strictly compliant with the law, ensuring that all information on our business is correct, complete, up-to-date and timely reported to the authorities and relevant parties.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI), where we have our headquarters, is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean. Although the territory is not part of the European Union and not directly subject to EU laws, its citizens are deemed to be citizens of the EU as well. Business wise is jurisdiction appreciated for being modern, flexible and with commercially minded corporate legislation. Our option to establish in BVI and banking in European jurisdictions, preferably AAA, aims to maximize our African oriented business plan, where the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth are an importance reference, while assuring scrutiny and compliance driving our business.

Our approach to business is guided by solid principles


Corporate Responsibility

Commitment to sustainable development. Creation of economic value while improving the communities we integrate is our goal and main responsibility.


Trust and integrity

Our relationships are established based on the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency.


Optimization of the use of resources and maximizing their return, avoiding any waste while respecting safety and environmental preservation.



Innovation is at the heart of our businesses. Continuous improvement of our value propositions and experimenting new business models, while managing risks within reasonable limits.


People First

Continuous promotion of meritocracy and embracement of diversity at all levels of the organization
while assuring Local Content compliance.



We can always to be better. Our ambition is founded on continuously establishing goals which will stretch us to our limits, stimulating our energy and strengthening our determination.